Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Second Community Meeting

We held our second community meeting last night (19 October 2010) and whilst we initially only had children in the audience, people soon came flooding in!

The audio in the hall was a bit of a problem, what with people talking in an echoey hall but once everyone had quietened down, I think everyone could hear what was going on! Maybe it was just me, but I think people were quieter when listening to the isiXhosa pieces. There was also much hilarity when children recognized people in the soundslides!

I think it was important to hold a second meeting as it gave the project a sense of closure (to use Nan's metaphor: we closed the tap we had opened!) Mr Plaatjie addressed the crowd in the beginning and Nan made an opening and closing statement too (in between our "talent" in the form of a rap artist). Despite my isiXhosa not being up to scratch, it seemed to be a success with members of the community shaking hands with group members and telling Andy what they thought of the pieces.

Well done everyone! Proud to be part of this group :)

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